Fighting corporate welfare (Chris Emami)

Corporate welfare destroys community. Here’s how you can stop it.

Advancing public education through charter schools (Margaret Fortune & Gregory McGinty)

You don’t have to be a school board official to help our most vulnerable families.

Pension reform (Bob Loewen)

How a California Policy Center lawsuit could save California’s local governments billions. 

Leveraging the power of free markets (Dan Gerawan)

Government leaders can improve life for all Californians. Learn how Dan backed his employees in their fight against the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board to secure the same rights that all other workers in the state and country have.

Janus v AFSCME (Chris Emami)

The role of local elected officials in the landmark Supreme Court First Amendment case.

Criminal Justice Reform (Reiss Becker, David Vasquez, & Zane Zovak) 

Searching for new revenue, many public officials are over-criminalizing and over-penalizing their communities.


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