Seal Beach, Ca

CLEO ‘SoCal’ – 3/23/2019

Thank you to everyone who attended our CLEO meeting in Seal Beach. We had over 65 attendees!

The day kicked off with an overview of Janus vs. AFSCME. Public officials were taught exactly what the court opinion dictates, and what to expect of public unions in the future. CEO of California Policy Center, Mark Bucher outlined possible next steps for public officials.

Shelia Weinberg CPA, the Founder and President of Truth in Accountingspoke on the necessity of local elected officials to remain vigilant over their budgets. Accountability starts with them. Sheila provided an in-depth look at government financial plans, providing financial literacy for CAFRs and more. See more of her presentation here.

Adjunct Professor of Communication at Chapman University and Founder of CEC Political Consulting Firm, Chris Emami, spoke on strategic communication among public officials. He equipped our members to handle difficult conversations effectively. See his presentation here.

Eric Brown, the Senior Partner of Dynamic Strategy Group, joined us to provide alternative options to the employment of a government PIO – an option that when fulfilled in the private sector, could save tens of thousands of dollars a year for cities and school districts.

Lance Christensen, Chief of Staff to Sen. John Moorlach, joined us for the afternoon to provide an aerial view of the political climate of Sacramento. He served as Reason Foundation’s Pension Reform Project as provided enormous insight into the weight of local elected officials in the grand scheme of California politics. See his presentation here.

Will Swaim, President of California Policy Center, wrapped up the day by speaking on fighting cronyism and corporate welfare on the local level. While conservatives often see the holes in many welfare state proposals, the tendency to flee opposite extreme of corporatism is not actually conservative. Will prepared our local elected officials for the reality that submitting to corporate interests could be just as dangerous for municipalities as rampant welfare spending. See his powerpoint here.

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Sheila Weinburg teaches local elected officials how to read CAFRs properly.