Bakersfield, Ca

CLEO and Kern Citizens Host Packed Event in Bakersfield 

On May 17, community leaders and activists gathered in Bakersfield for a sold-out program co-hosted by CLEO and Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government.

A gourmet lunch was served in the outdoor patio at the Tower Restaurant, a converted church located in historic downtown Bakersfield. Attendees heard an in-depth presentation on what local officials can do to address budget-busting pension obligations by former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed.

Guests also received a preview from CLEO director Matt Patterson on the coming U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus v AFSCME, which could end forced-unionism in the public sector throughout the country forever, opening up exciting opportunities for local officials to get their budgets under control.

CLEO thanks Romeo Agbalog of Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government for their hospitality.  “Kern Citizens is one of those local activist groups that is so necessary for the dissemination of good policy ideas,” says Patterson.  “CLEO looks forward to partnering with Kern for many exciting events in the coming year.”

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Chuck Reed (former San Jose Mayor) addresses group.