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California Local Elected Officials (CLEO) is a membership organization that networks, educates, supports and advises local elected officials throughout California’s thousands of cities, counties, school and special districts.

California Local Elected Officials

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CLEO members are elected officials who stand for financial sustainability, government transparency and personal liberty. They often operate in isolation. They can’t count on independent policy assessments from their fellow officials, and often not even from the city staffers whose self-interest and training guides them toward more costly government. Powerful special interests apply constant pressure to already strained agency budgets.

CLEO is a membership-based organization that trains, supports and advises local elected officials throughout the state – in districts, city councils and county boards.

CLEO supports this courageous minority. Through this website, supplemented by regional training programs and “hotline” emergency services, CLEO offers policy guidance, detailed financial analyses, legal perspectives and communications support.

CLEO is a project of the nonprofit California Policy Center.


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The California Policy Center

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The California Policy Center is a non-partisan educational organization focused on securing a freer, more prosperous California by identifying public-sector barriers to freedom and economic growth and proposing alternative solutions. You can learn about the California Policy Center’s governing board here.


How CLEO is funded

CLEO’s mission would be impossible without the generous support of individuals and organizations. Through your gift, you can help educate our public officials and serve the Californians those officials represent.

Because CLEO is a project of the California Policy Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your gift to CLEO may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income-tax purposes. Please use the button below to contribute:

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